Birth Doula Services

1-2 prenatal visits in your home or virtual  where your doula will discuss your desires for your birth, comfort measures, exercises to prepare you for birth, and a host of other topics. Getting to know you and your partner is the main focus of these meetings as you develop the strong connection that will help your doula to help you in your birth space.

Assistance with creating your birth vision, if needed. Let your doula help you research the important aspects of your birth so that you know all of the choices available.

Unlimited phone, facetime  and email support from the time your contract is signed until 4 weeks following your birth.

Other resources and referrals as needed.

24-hour on-call assistance beginning at 37 weeks and continuing until your birth (including phone support during early labor).

Continuous labor support starting in active labor and continuing until 1-2 hours after your birth. Breastfeeding support immediately after your birth.

One postpartum visit (usually a week or two after your birth) where you & your doula will talk through your birth, they will provided any resources you need, and answer any follow-up questions

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